The tendency to live far-off places away from one’s land, maybe nationally or internationally, has created a massive trend among people who enjoy and take pride in residing at different locations from time to time. However, the main concern is that those people leave behind is their home/property/land, which in their absence even, they want to protect it at all costs.

Okaka is a personal Management assistant platform for NRIs around the world, which takes care of administering the welfare of NRIs overall lookouts and helps them take care of their work and properties in India. We also enable them to remain connected with their valuable belongings or properties and help them be relieved from all the tensions and conditions of their ancestral homes. We provide a range of services to help NRIs in Gujarat, India. From the moment you book your tickets to travel to India till you leave India, you will have peace of mind that Okaka is there to help you. Now, no more relying on relatives and friends as they too are getting old, becoming NRIs themselves, and getting busy with their own life, it is getting challenging to ask for help as each year passes. We will help you manage all the tasks in Gujarat.


Airport Pick & Drop

Hassle-free pickup and drop from airport to your destination

Home Cleaning Service

Regular or Deep cleaning service available at your doorstep 24X7 – Prebook Now!

Grocery Management

Allow us to help you with your everyday need for milk & butter to vegetables.

Land Management

Strictly we follow the traditional approach in land management with technology

Supporting & Working Partner

If you need any help in Vidyanagar & Anand than you can connect with us.


Experience by Old age

We were a bit worried when our son booked Pre-arrival service and airport pick up as we are so used to just asking family to pick us up and help with cleaning the place after we get there. When we got out of Ahmedabad airport, we didn't know what to expect, but as soon as we met the driver, our half the worries were gone as he made us feel like we were attending a family as always. We have never walked in a clean house, fridge stocked with basic needs, furniture arranged, beds done, running hot water right away, I can keep going...Thank you to O-kaka Team, who relaxed us so much and offered to help anywhere he can during our stay, and we rented the car a few times, got their maid services, and booked the airport drop off without even consulting with our son first. Next time, visiting home will be much less stressful and won't have to rely on anyone else anymore.


Youngsters are happy

Its such a relief from worries about my house back in India. Okaka makes it more accessible, so now, when i m going back home to India, i find my house fresh and clean despite being locked for a year. I appreciate that they have such a broad area of services, and the executives are more concentrated towards understanding your requirement and fulfilling them.

Okaka Help

Frequently asked questions

Deep house cleaning refers to the process of meticulously cleaning each and every nook and corner of your home. It includes scrubbing, dusting, mopping, wiping and vacuuming your entire house with the help of a trained and professional team.

We would advise you deep clean your house 1 or 3 times a year depending on the amount of pollution and dirt it accumulates.

It generally takes from 4 to 8 hours depending upon the square area of your house.

• Dust ceiling fans and lights

• Dust window sills and blinds

• Dust baseboards

• Dust lamps and lampshades

• Dust pictures and picture frames

• Wash gas stove and cooktops

• Scrub/Disinfect all sinks

• Wipe every appliance

• Windex the mirrors

• Empty waste bins

• Vacuum stairs, floor, and all carpeted areas

• Clean all bathroom counters and fixtures

• Furniture dusted and vacuumed

A house cleaning cost stars from Rs 1999 but varies depending on the area our professionals have to cover.