About us


More than 30 million people are officially living in abroad. We look forward to managing their properties and valuable assets by taking care of all on-demand requests with Okaka by the end of 2020.


We desire to give NRIs the best management services by thoroughly considering the problems they face to manage their valuable home, properties, or land.

More About Okaka

The house or the property is the only thing that gets the person back to his homeland, therefore, after observing the requirement for various work management and property management, Okaka is honoured to offer the NRIs, an assistance and support that they need when they are away, by taking care of everything that they are worried about. Be it looking after a property, a land, a Home or doing some kind of government work, paperwork, picking and dropping of the airport, keeping the house clean, arranging maids, arranging for groceries and all the household needs which NRIs mostly depend or expect their relatives or friends to do it, We(okaka) manage it all without any hassle.

Okaka is a personal Management assistant platform for NRIs around the world, which takes care in administering the welfare of NRIs overall lookouts and help them to take care of their work and properties in India. We also enable them to remain connected with their valuable belongings or properties and help them be relieved from all the tensions and conditions of their ancestral homes. We provide a range of services to help NRIs in Gujarat, India. From the moment you book your tickets to travel to India till you leave India, you will have peace of mind that Okaka is there to help you. Now, no more relying on relatives and friends as they too are getting old, becoming NRIs themselves, and getting busy with their own life, it is getting difficult to ask for help as each year passes. We will help you manage all the tasks in Gujarat you need help with.

If you have been thinking that in India you will not be able to find good and reliable NRI Property Management Services, then OKAKA is bound to change your perspective.